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Rinat Khaibullin
Honored Master of Sports, Master of Sports of International Class, Honored Coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The first sporting achievement was the first place in aircraft modeling at the 3rd City Spartakiad of schoolchildren in technical sports.

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Rinat Khaibullin took up mountaineering and rock climbing from the age of 17, in 1986 he fulfilled the Snow Leopard standard, this title was awarded to climbers who conquered all  7 thousandth peaks of the USSR.
In 1994, he was a 3-time "Snow Leopard", having made more than 30 ascents to peaks above 7000 meters above sea level.

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In 1986, he was selected for the second national mountaineering team of the USSR, in which he made the first ascent of the 8th thousandth mountain in the Himalayas - the peak of Kanchenjunga 8,586 meters above sea level, as part of the legendary Ukrainian climbers Mikhail Turkevich, Sergey Bershov and Viktor Pastuh.

Пик Лхоцзе 1991 год (22).jpg

In 1990, as part of the third USSR mountaineering team, he participated in an expedition to the Lhotse peak 8516 meters above sea level, a new route along the southern wall.
This route is recognized as the most difficult route in the history of mountaineering. 

Дхаулагири 1991 год (30)_edited.jpg

In 1991, participation in the first Kazakhstan expedition in the Himalayas to the Dhauligiri peak 8167 meters above sea level. 
Passage of a new route along the western wall.

Пик Абая с Президентом (1)_edited.jpg

July 5, 1995, joint ascent with the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev N.A. to the peak of Abay with a height of 4010 m. 

Благодарность Назарбаева.png
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2002 - 2007 organizer and director of the State Enterprise "Rescue Service of Almaty"

Спорт ноябрь 2016 (108).jpg

2016 organizer and President of the Skyrunning Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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2021 participation  as coach of Rishat Khaibullin at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.
Sport climbing was first introduced at the Olympic Games in Japan.

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Married to Aisholpan Khaibullina, Candidate Master of Sports, sports climbing coach.

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There are 8 children in the family, 4 of which are sports climbers, members of the national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
From left to right - Gusman, Rinat, Alan, Sabina , Rishat, Yasmina, Regina, Rashid, Ratmir.


The first mountaineering coach was Alexey Nikolaevich Maryashev.


Sport climbing coaches - brothers Petr Markovich and Sergey Markovich Arkhipov.


Mountaineering tener Ilyinsky Ervand Tikhonovich.

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