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Amir Maimuratov, Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, prize-winner of the Asian Games, re

Maimuratov Amir Aidaruly was born on July 19, 1995 in the village of Urdzhar in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In May 2013 he graduated from the KTL school in Astana.

In August 2013, he entered the Kazakh-British University, faculty of the Business School, majoring in finance.

Achievements: Master of Sports in sport climbing.

Champion of the youth championship of Asia 2012 Iran.

Champion of the Open European Cup 2012 Moscow.

Champion of the Asian Beach Games 2014 Thailand.

Asian Cup Champion 2017 China.

Bronze medalist of the Asian Cup 2018 Thailand.

Multiple Champion of the Republic of Kazakhstan in sport climbing.

Twice vice-champion of CISM 2018 Moscow.

Bronze medalist of the Asian Championship 2019.

Personal trainers - Khaibullin R.R. and Slutskaya K.M.

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