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Gusman Khaibullin, Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, born in 2002

Khaibullin Gusman Rinatovich, born in 2002, master of sports in sport climbing.

In sports from an early age, the main focus is the difficulty and bouldering, do not recognize the speed ☻. In addition to rock climbing, I am fond of web development and programming, as well as video games.

I help in the education and training of young athletes and leaders of our sports group with my father.

I like rock climbing mainly because of the great surge of emotions being ten meters from the ground, an exciting and unforgettable experience. I recommend everyone to experience it at least once.

My father Rinat Rashitovich brought me to this sport (not officially PAPA ☻). The best coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan in sports climbing, a famous and very good climber in the past. All successes in sports and achievement are only thanks to his parting words and advice. In the future, it is planned to enter the international level.

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