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Youth Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Karaganda

I want to note the well-organized competitions in sports climbing - the youth championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Karaganda!

Competitions were held in all three types existing in sport climbing - speed, boulder and difficulty, the age of participants is 9 - 12 years.

The opening of the competition was held under the leadership of the sports department of Karaganda, solemnly with the anthem, flag and music, it was nice to hear in the speech of the leaders, the words about his son, Olympian Rishat Khaibullin.

The solemnity of the opening, the anthem of Kazakhstan and the composition of the present leadership of the sport of Karaganda undoubtedly gave solidity to the event and motivated young athletes to a successful and beautiful performance.

The organization itself was not inferior in organization to the opening, interesting routes, clear regulations, refereeing and all the rest of the many related work was carried out by the senior team of athletes from Karaganda under the guidance of Alexei Molchanov and his main assistants, Alisher Murat, Myrzabekov Alimzhan, Sergey Bessmertnykh, Matevosyan Alina, Ospan Tanzil and other coaches and athletes of the Federation of Karaganda.

Of course, the organization of the competition, the organized and disciplined work of the performers, is undoubtedly the merit of Saule Iskakova, the head coach of Karaganda and the head coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To everyone's regret, the leadership of the Rock Climbing Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan does not pay due attention to junior competitions, and all the work was done by Karaganda coaches and athletes, moreover, at their own modest means.

The topic of competition budgeting, especially youth and junior competitions, requires special attention and consideration, I wrote about this earlier after the youth cup in Shymkent, where everything was also organized on the patriotism of Shymken athletes and coaches and without the help of the Rock Climbing Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The desire of the leadership of the Sports Climbing Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to finance and support events of the highest sports level is, of course, welcome, but at the same time ignoring youth and youth sports, this is a clear sign of not long-term planning for the development of our sport, which we see from the results at international competitions and, in particular , for the failed organization and performance at the World Cup in Seoul 3 days ago.

After the return of the management of sports events from the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Sports Committee of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and, in particular, to the Directorate of Sports Development (DSD), I hope that the new leadership of the SDS, after analyzing the unsuccessful summer and winter Olympic games, will build a strategy for successful development sports in Kazakhstan and in particular in our form.

Photos of organizers, coaches, volunteers and mothers))

Rinat Khaibullin.

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