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Sports climbing center Skala Olimp

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Olympic Sports Climbing Center "Olimp"


The Olimp Sports Climbing Center invites children aged 6 to 15 to take part in sport climbing at rock climbing walls that imitate rocks.

At your choice of tracks with difficulty from category 5A to 7C.

Members of the Skala Olimp sports club are world-class athletes


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Children from preschool age are admitted to the school, depending on the level of the physical condition of the child, appropriate complexes of physical exercises are provided. After initial training, young athletes take part in club and city competitions. Competitions are one of the most important tools for raising confidence in public speaking and demonstrating personal capabilities in children.

On Sundays, holidays and vacation days, we organize a collective departure of the group for rock climbing training with an overnight stay in tents on the rocks of Tamgaly Tas of the tract of the Ili River

Tamgly Tas

Skala Olimp sports center trainers


Timetable of classes:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 19.00 to 21.30

Tuesday and Thursday from 20.00 to 22.00

Sportswear for indoor training.

Shoes - climbing shoes, if not, then sneakers or sneakers are comfortable for climbing.

Equipment (harness) will be provided.

Detailed information by phone or WhatsApp +77011910000

Rinat Khaibullin

Champions keep playing until they succeed.

- Billie Jean King

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