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Youth Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent March 18-21, 2022

Competitions were held in the disciplines of speed and difficulty, the participants were all teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan born in 2003 - 2012.

The difficulty was held at the climbing wall named after V.I. Selivanova and speed at the new climbing wall Kaziev 4a

It was cold at the "difficulty" climbing wall, the children were cold, the warm-up did not help everyone, the complexity of the performance was aggravated by the lack of a schedule for performances of age groups in time.

Shymkent climbers and the Shymkent Department of Emergency Situations are ready to assist in the provision of autonomous heaters for the next year, if such a spring happens again.

The speed went until midnight, and in the morning the participants reached the final of difficulty, practically without rest, those who competed in two types.

Some of the tracks in difficulty from the first hold were difficult and almost 30% of the participants fell on the second hold.

The organizers invested in the competition as much as possible, supported the athletes, especially their own and at the start, explaining the rules and climbing technique.

Autobelay did not "keep up" with the runners, because of this, some athletes, falling into the line with their hands, broke down.

For adults, auto belays have been replaced with historically reliable insurance with insurers.

Having set up the printer, Volodya Ilyin managed, together with Excell, to complete all the documentation from applications, registration and competition protocols, he made a little mistake in the results of the difficulty by swapping Ratmir and Artem, after a remark, everything was fixed and the children again believed in fair sport.

After that, all the coaches finally understood the need to create a software complex and laptops with tablets (as is customary all over the world), and the head coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan Iskakova Saule promised to finally resolve the issue of acquiring the sportclimbing agro-industrial complex with our chefs.

All participants of the competition, coaches and athletes are grateful to sisters Grunyashin Galina and Valentina (President of the Federation of Shymkent). Natalya Salikhova for organizing the competition.

Valera Serdyuk, Lesha Panfilov, Yernar and others worked 100% on setting the tracks and holding the competition.

The protocols of the competition will be here on March 25.

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